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Green Horse All Natural Horse Feed

Green Horse All Natural Horse Feed is a blend of WHOLE grains. By over processing and heating grains, conventional pelleting and extrusion processes actually destroy the food enzymes that help horses naturally digest their food. Green Horse is all whole grain, no pellets and no heating processes. Green Horse is nutrient dense, naturally!

What is Green Horse? A natural approach to nourishing horses and is a private label horse feed. NO CORN, NO SOY, NO SUGAR, NO FILLERS

Green Horse All Natural Horse Feed

Green Horse is your all natural horse feed option.

Green Horse All Natural Horse Feed

Is the Green Horse program right for my horse? Only you can decide that! If youre looking for a natural feeding program, start here. Its not a quick fix, in many cases you can see changes in your horses coat within two weeks, other times it can take months. Again the answer here depends on your horse as an individual.


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