ANOTHER NEW INTRODUCTION! Now on the shelves are the “BEE HIVE THRIVE” Winter & Spring Patties with Essential Oils. Bee Hive Thrive with Essential Oils is an all natural protein AND energy supplement for bees during non-honey producing times of the year. Bee Hive Thrive is the ideal non-grain pollen and energy supplement providing your bees with mycotoxin free amino acids, energy, omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and a proprietary blend of revitalizing 100% pure essential oils necessary for hive vigor and managing pests during winter and spring months. 100% pure essential oils stimulate feeding, brood building, and pest management in new and larger hives during non-honey producing periods. Bee Hive Thrive Patties are pre-made and formed for you, saving you the aggravation of having a sticky mess in your own Kitchen or honey house.

If you are interested in feeding your bees naturally Bee Hive Thrive uses a yeast extract, hydrolyzed yeast, zinc proteinate, sucrose, water, virgin organic flax oil, non-gmo corn oil, and blended 100% pure essential oils (spearmint, lemon grass, clove, tea tree, thyme, lavender, organic sunflower lecithin powder)

To feed the patties, simply remove one side of wax paper and place the patty between the bottom and top brood boxes or on single brood boxes, place exposed side down between the top of the frames and the bottom of the inner cover. Patties should be placed inside the hive after fall honey supers have been removed and before the beginning of spring pollen collection. Bee Hive Thrive is not intended for consumption by humans or any other non-insect animal species.

As an aside, for those of you who trialed our spring patties, Bee Hive Thrive has been reformulated to be more palatable and to contain a more effective proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.

Bee Hive Thrive is available in 3lb patties individually or by the 4 pack (12lbs) and next week we will have 1lb patties available WITHOUT essential oils. BEE-POLLENATE from ALLTECH is also available by the 55.1lb bag for larger bee keepers who would like to make their own. Custom mixes are also available.

There is plenty more to talk about but for now, please message or contact Jason Engel if you have any questions about Bee Hive Thrive.


NEW PRODUCT for pesticide and fungicide free apiaries!!! Its called “FALL COURAGE CONCENTRATE” from the Have Courage and Bee Kind Farm and Apiary.

Just in time for the the Winter Hive preparation, we are absolutely excited to be introducing and making available one of two new products for natural and holistice bee keepers to use in their apiaries.

FALL COURAGE CONCENTRATE is a formulated blend of syrup and 100% pure essential oils to help maintain a healthy hive vigor and manage hive pests and diseases during periods of non-honey flow.

Probably the most satisfying observations about using the COURAGE CONCENTRATES is that hive vigor is strong, the colony may consume the syrup mixes at a rate of 1qt per 2-3 days and brood is very moist, not dull and dry.

As a concentrate, simply add 2-4 teaspoons per quart of 2:1 syrup to a feeder of your choice. One jar = 8oz.

If the FALL COURAGE CONCENTRATE is something that interests you, then please consider the SPRING and SUMMER COURAGE CONCENTRATES as well! Those products will be available in February and at the present time all COURAGE CONCENTRATES are only available at Shamel Milling!