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Bee Pollen-Ate from Alltech is an all natural and grain free protein supplement which can be fed to bees dry or as a patty mixed with a syrup.? Available by the 55.1lb Bag.? Also sold by the Pound, call for pricing and ordering.

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“Beekeepers know that proper nutrition is paramount to maintain a hive that thrives.  Bees need the right combination of nutrients in the form closest to nature. With so many variables, impacting the flora available for pollination, supplementation can be used to ensure proper health throughout the year.

Bee Pollen-Ate provides protein and other ingredients in a form that bees can easily digest to get the most from these nutrients.”


Natural protein supplement for honeybees

  • Contains ingredients essential to bee health and productivity
  • Nutritionally balanced pollen substitute
  • Highly Palatable and dissolves easily
  • Encourages bees to focus energy on brooding, producing beeswax and drawing out comb during shortages of natural pollen and nectar
  • Good nutrition has been linked to a lower incidence of CCD
  • For use during winter and low pollen periods
  • Is a protein AND energy supplement when mixed with 2:1 sugar syrup
  • Contains 18 essential amino acids necessary for high honey bee health
  • Formulated to achieve increased vigor and hive development, increase brood population, stimulate royal jelly production, reduced stress during low pollen levels and subsequently improves resistance to diseases.
  • Protein consumption in the first days of life is vital for the development of hypopharyngeal glands
  • Better nutrition and gut health means lower incidences of Colony Collapse Disorder
  • All natural mycotoxin and grain free (ie soy) ingredients. No synthetics or chemicals used


Mix 1lb of BEE POLLEN-ATE per 1.7lbs of 2:1 sucrose (sugar) syrup

One Gallon (12lbs) of 2:1 Sucrose Syrup = 8lbs sugar mixed into 4lbs warm water

Caution: Not intended for Human consumption or any non-insect animals

Storage: Store in a cool dry area.? Keep container closed when not in use. Extremely hygroscopic! Keep in tightly closed package. Do not stack pallets.

Shelf Life: 18 months from date of manufacture, when stored under suitable conditions.

Directions for Use: Dry Feed – use as is for dry feeding applications,  Patties – mix 1lb of Bee Pollen-Ate to 1.7lbs of sucrose to make patties.

Availability:  55.1lb bags or by the Pound

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