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Concord Maid 18% HI-Energy Ration

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Concord Maid 18% HI-Energy


Our Concord Maid 18% HI-Energy Ration is an 18% protein and 4% fat, high energy, non-medicated, all natural textured dairy ration. This formulation contains yeast culture and buffer to stabilize the rumen and increase nutrient utilization. The blend is fortified with the needed macro minerals, trace minerals and vitamins needed to maximize milk production and reproduction. 18% Hi-Energy is a cost effective blend as a dairy maintenance feed and should be fed to milking cows. FEEDING RATE: Rates will vary with stages of lactation and forages being fed. Please contact Bob Engel at Shamel Milling to discuss your feeding needs. CAUTION: Supplemental selenium in excess of .3ppm of the total diet should not be fed with this ration. Available in 50 pound bags or bulk and can be delivered or picked up at Shamel Milling. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:

Crude Protein Min 18.0%
Crude Fat Min 4.0%
Crude Fiber Max 14.0%
ADF Max 16.0
Calcium Min 0.85%
Calcium Max 1.20%
Phosphorus-To Min 0.65%
Selenium Min 0.70ppm
Vitamin A Min 5,540 IU/LB
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