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  • Complete Balance Of All Essential Nutrients
  • Pelleted
  • Balanced Fiber, Energy and Protein Levels
  • Contain High Quality Alfalfa Meal
  • Optimal Levels of Amino Acids
  • Contain Yeast Culture and Probiotics
  • Contains Schidigera Extract
  • Contain Mold Inhibitor
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Hubbard Life nutritionists combine precise amounts of the highest quality ingredients to create a balanced, healthy food source. Hubbard Life Rabbit Feeds are formulated with quality ingredients, including high quality alfalfa meal to help provide optimal nutrition for all life stages. They are pelleted for ease of handling, improved consumption and result in less feed waste. Each product contains mold inhibitors to improve storage life, Schidigera Extract to reduce ammonia levels and improve overall air quality.

Hubbard Life Rabbit Feeds contain yeast culture and probiotics which have been shown to improve fermentation conditions in the large intestine and caecum (hind gut) which improves fiber digestion.Whether your rabbits are competing for ribbons, or are beloved family pets, they’ll succeed and prosper with Hubbard Life.

For more nutritional information go to Hubbard Life Feeds

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