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WHITE TRAAASH HONEY “It’s All In the Jar!”? 2.24lb

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At Broadwood Farm, we decided to leave it ALL in the jar!? White Traaash Honey is right from the Bee?s honeycomb, little or no filtering and bottled at room temperatures.? Bottled honey can?t be any more raw.? Whatever comes out of the extractor is what goes into each bottle, honey, enzymes, pollen, wax, propolis, bee parts, debris, etc.

White Traaash honey is all natural.? We want our bees to forage and collect pollen from a diverse supply of Western New York State blooms, so White Traaash hives are located amongst a two square mile area of diverse and naturally occurring trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants on a largely undeveloped landscape in Concord, NY.? The White Traaash Bees are tucked away from large commercial agriculture and mono-culture crops.? In 2018 we began trials using the “BEE KIND COURAGE CONCENTRATES” and “BEE HIVE THRIVE” fall/winter protein and energy patties.? Both products are for bee keepers who practice natural bee keeping. Both products contain a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils, non-grain products and are used at non-honey flow times of the year to keep hive vigor strong, help manage hive pests and fungii and to insure strong healthy immune systems going into the winter season.? ?Prior to 2018 we never fed the bees manufactured syrup and even now, we don?t fumigate the hives or use medications. There is nothing added to or extracted from the honey.? White Traaash Honey is bottled in re-useable glass canning jars for your convenience.

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